creative exploration,
process documentation,
and small projects

Plant Sale — June 2020
video & posters promoting the DTES NH Urban Farm Plant Sale

The Natural and The Artificial — June 2019
digitally printed zine

valentines day cards — February 2019
screen printed

Afterthought — 2018 critical design group project

Conserve California — 2017
final logo and process sketches for a water conservation campaign

Sheers (she’s sheer) —  2015
estisol image transfer and relief print
Untitled  — September 2020 screen printed on fabric

Instagram post for the DTES Neighbourhood House — June 2020

The 100 most frequently used english words on the Internet in 1992. — March 2020
zine with data from Moby Words II (FREQ-INT.TXT) by Grady Ward

screen printed tote bag — December 2019
made during Right to Food Zine’s Writing + Drawing for Fun Workshop

Critical Use — June 2019
reprint of essay from 404 as a zine

UBC Theatre and Film Presents: One-Act Double Feature poster —  2019
10x13in, 4 colour, screen printed, edition of 100

Messin’ Around with Night Photography — March 2019
photography & typography experimentation

NBA Bad Boy — 2017
screen printed poster zine, edition of 10

Tent Cities Save Lives — June 2020
Instagram post written by Erin Scarr & designed by Brittany Garuk

accidental collages — December 2019
scans of magazine cutouts and tissue paper

DTES Alley Health Fair event poster — September 2019

Join The Zine Family — 2018
poster design for RTF Zine

Import Export —  2017
screen printed poster zine

enamel pin design — April 2020
design inspiration: arts & crafts movement, stained glass, gardens

Writing + Drawing for Fun Workshop poster — September 2019
poster I made for community engagement workshop I hosted

membership cards for Fathers for Thought — June 2019
(fake names shown)

me and my table at We Are Not An Island queer zine fair (part of Sled Island music festival in Calgary) — June 2019

my process book for Canada’s Hidden Racism — April 2018

colour zine — 2017
screen printed zine

Living Things essay —  2016