Identifying the Needs and Support for Chinese Seniors in Downtown Eastside Vancouver

Publication Design and Data Visualization: Brittany Garuk

Author: Helen Hong
Research Advisors: Mid Chung Yan and Andy Yan
Co-Chairs: Rory Sutherland and Nick Young
Data Analysis: Weiyin Li

9 x 11 inches (print), 62 pages

This is a report on the living conditions and support networks of Chinese seniors within the Chinatown and Strathcona areas of Vancouver who speak Chinese dialects and live in Chinese Benevolent Society-owned Single Room Occupancy (SRO) buildings. 

This study aims to understand the following issues:
  • To what degree do the Chinese seniors require support and services to deal with their basic activities? 
  • How familiar are they with the services available in their communities? 
  • What types of networking do they employ to find support and services? 
  • Are there any unique difficulties in accessing support and services in their communities?

This report is designed for print and web. Read it here.